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Contemplating a Ritual

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(cross-posted a few places)
It's almost Dark Moon again. I am Dark Moon born, so I always do something during this time. I have some negative influences acting on me right now. Hello Banishing! I found a nearly perfect ritual online; it doesn't even look like it requires a black candle, which is good, since I couldn't even find any around Halloween. This ritual involves Hecate. I've only worked with Hecate once before, but it was good.

However, the ritual does call for a few things that I'm missing. My clove oil is in storage, but I'm thinking I can probably substitute regular cloves or patchouli incense, since either clove or patchouli can be used. I'm also missing Dragon's Blood ink. I don't even know where to find any of that and it's probably expensive. I'm wondering if using my own blood is okay or if that would possibly reverse or corrupt the ritual. The last thing I'm questioning is that it requires a writing utensil that has only been used for magickal workings. Most of my stuff is still in storage, so the only thing I have that fits that description is the one I used for binding and strengthening my spirit guide/demon lover. He shows up for about half the magickal workings I do anyway, called for or not, and I'm going to need all the strength I can get. The moon will be in Pisces, and I'm not good at working with that. But I'm not sure if I should invite any male influence at all.

Other things to ponder: Should I do a sexual purification before this - abstinence for the next 3 days? Should I use sex as a power source after doing the ritual? I'm thinking no, since this is supposed to be a pure Goddess ritual, but then again, if I call in the spirit guide, I'm already bringing in male influence.

Anyone got any ideas or advice?
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On March 16th, 2007 11:31 am (UTC), x_bluerose_x commented:
I am the exact reverse, Full Moon born *g* but I always honor New Moons because they are sacred to Hekate.

What I did for a magical utensil for writing was buy a special pen or two and use it in my BoS. Doesn't have to be fancy. I got one shaped like a dragon. :)

In Salem they sell Dragon's Blood ink and they get it from AzureGreen, which is a super awesome wholesale and cheap place to get magickal supplies. I don't know if you'd get it in time for the New Moon, but here's the url anyway: http://www.azuregreen.com. No witch or mage should be without that resource. I've used it on countless occasions. They'd probably have everything you're looking for, I'm 95% certain of it.

Can't help you on the spirit guide thing, as I don't know what type you have or the sort of work that he does. Closest thing in my trad is the Agathos Daimon, and it's encouraged to call upon him in magickal workings, especially since he's equated with the HGA (Holy Guardian Angel) elsewhere. When in doubt, I'd just do a divination and see what it says and go with that. I'm not Dianic Wiccan or anything, but I come from a Southern Italian trad. I'm pretty certain that even in a pure Goddess ritual you could have male influences as balance but again, I'd suggest a divination if you're uncertain as to the effects of involving him.

Hope this helps!
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On March 17th, 2007 07:10 am (UTC), gremlynna replied:
There's no way I'd get the stuff in time now, but thanks for the link! It'll still be good for future workings. I find it interesting that they mix the Dragon's Blood oil "with a natural oil base, such as almond oil," because my spirit guide indicated to me a while ago that I should always keep almond oil on hand. I don't know quite what he is, other than that he sometimes takes raccoon or cat form, but he's never told me anything wrong yet! (I am going to try to do a divination or something, but I have a feeling he's going to show up whether I invite him or not!)

I had an interesting idea on the pen from one of the other communities I posted in. The ritual says you can use a feather to write with, so I'm currently on the lookout for feathers! So far I've found plenty of seagull feathers, but I think crow or raven would be more appropriate for Hecate. (I have several in storage...)

I'm not Dianic either, or any specific tradition, for that matter. Let's just say I have too many conflicting interests to follow any one tradition!
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On March 18th, 2007 11:17 pm (UTC), moondark_lady commented:
I'm concerned that there's so much preoccupation with the minutiae of the ritual here. The ritual does look very good, but really, the most effective rituals are yours. Take what you need from there, and then make it work for you.

What do you feel? Will it aid you to go into your circle with a buildup of unreleased sexual energy? If yes, then do so. Do you feel your spirit guide will help you? Call him in. So the Moon's in Pisces ... honestly, it's not going to matter that much.

Mental blocks hinder ritual, and there's nothing worse than going in thinking, "Oh I don't have everything I need, and is there too much male influence, and the Moon isn't in a good sign for me". These things will undermine you. Trust yourself, your instincts are good enough to tell you what you need.

Maybe you'll end up with a pretty pen from the stationery store, your spirit guide and an afterglow from sex the night before - or maybe you'll decide you really do need that Dragon's Blood ink, after all. What's important is that it's your decision.

Magick should be liberating, not confining ... empowering, not stressful. Walk into that circle with your head held high and firm intent in your heart, and you'll do it "right" - whatever "right" turns out to be.
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On March 19th, 2007 05:00 am (UTC), gremlynna replied:
I like your attitude! I had someone from one of the other communities I posted in say nearly the opposite, as in everything should be exact, at least the first time you do a ritual, but I don't think I've ever had exact items.

So I'm going into this with a seagull feather for a pen, a mixture of my blood, purified moon water, and red dye for ink, maybe add in some soot or ash to darken it, powdered cloves in almond oil for annointing, no sex for 3 days prior, but a slight hangover from St. Pat's day. This really feels pretty standard for me.

Thanks. And by the way, I love your user name!

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On March 19th, 2007 05:31 am (UTC), moondark_lady replied:
You'll have to post the results of your working to the community. I'd love to see how it all goes.

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