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Devotees · of · Hecate

For the goddess of the crossroads!

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I was very excited to find this community and then noticed that no one has posted in almost a year. Is this community still open or is there anyone on here who would like to discuss their path with Hecate? I made my LJ for just this purpose, so if anyone happens to stumble across this...feel free to stop in and say hi ;)
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I built up my virtual shrine to Hekate:


Feel free to visit and share your meditations, prayers and light up a candle in honor of our Lady.
Remember to add the _  at the end of the abovelink, because otherwise it will lead you to another shrine with the same name ... apparently I can't change name without taking down whole the site:(
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I'm new to LJ. I've been devoted to Hecate for years. I was excited to see this site.
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I'm a Italian witch very devoted to Hekate and I'm extremely tofind this community.
I was thinking of doing a playlist on my ipod to connect with this goddess,so I hoped someone could suggest few songs that make him/her think of Hekate ...if we put together at least 10 songs,I promise to set a nice CD cover myself. There's mine:

Hawthorne Heights- Dead in the Water

SMc Lachlan-Building a Mystery

AFI- Prelude 1221  

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I follow a path of many Goddesses, but am more closely devoted to Hecate and the Kali Ma.

I would love to see this community become more active.

Maybe some promoting?

And, if i may, i would love to invite all women to join appalachianmoon 
Please edit this, but not my whole entry out if this is not allowed.

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I am currently showing about 15 of my paintings & pastels (including a pastel of Hecate)
at Tully's coffee in the U District, Seattle
corner of 47th & University
They will be up for about a month or so,
hope you can check it out!
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(cross-posted a few places)
It's almost Dark Moon again. I am Dark Moon born, so I always do something during this time. I have some negative influences acting on me right now. Hello Banishing! I found a nearly perfect ritual online; it doesn't even look like it requires a black candle, which is good, since I couldn't even find any around Halloween. This ritual involves Hecate. I've only worked with Hecate once before, but it was good.

However, the ritual does call for a few things that I'm missing. My clove oil is in storage, but I'm thinking I can probably substitute regular cloves or patchouli incense, since either clove or patchouli can be used. I'm also missing Dragon's Blood ink. I don't even know where to find any of that and it's probably expensive. I'm wondering if using my own blood is okay or if that would possibly reverse or corrupt the ritual. The last thing I'm questioning is that it requires a writing utensil that has only been used for magickal workings. Most of my stuff is still in storage, so the only thing I have that fits that description is the one I used for binding and strengthening my spirit guide/demon lover. He shows up for about half the magickal workings I do anyway, called for or not, and I'm going to need all the strength I can get. The moon will be in Pisces, and I'm not good at working with that. But I'm not sure if I should invite any male influence at all.

Other things to ponder: Should I do a sexual purification before this - abstinence for the next 3 days? Should I use sex as a power source after doing the ritual? I'm thinking no, since this is supposed to be a pure Goddess ritual, but then again, if I call in the spirit guide, I'm already bringing in male influence.

Anyone got any ideas or advice?
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unfortunately i do not know who created this beautiful piece of art.
if anyone can educate me as to who created this, please e-mail me and let me know.


please join :)
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Hi, I'm new to the community! I'm Andrea, and I'm a Greek pagan and witch. I also practice ceremonial magick (Golden Dawn).

I just did a new moon ritual for Hekate last night and was curious to know if I was the only one, and when others honored her as well.


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Moon of Hecate Spell

From witches_of_the_dark@yahoogroups

Color of the day: Orange
Incense of the day: Poplar

The twenty-ninth day of each month is known as the Moon of Hecate, regardless of the Moon cycle at the time. Hecate, Greek goddess of the underworld, is sometimes misunderstood and aligned with dark forces. Hecate is actually a symbol of empowerment for many women. Her image is represented as a woman who faces three directions, expressing the Triple Goddess of maiden, mother, and crone, whose wisdom can also see in all directions. Today, two days before Samhain, invoke the energies of Hecate to uncover secrets that are hidden from you, or to help find an answer to a question you need to have answered. Speak these words:

Come help me unfold,
What has remained untold.
With your vision help me see what remains unseen by me.

Meditate and allow thought to flow freely, taking note of whatever enters your mind.

By: Emely Flak
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Still while I am glad to find out that I am not the only Hekate groupie (my best freind and my priestess are too) but it seems that here in the USA she seems to have a PR problem especially against some of the more popular (and I am using this adjective on purpose) gods in the Greek pantheon. Is this the same in y'alls areas.


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Thought i would introduce myself. My name is Nimue Moonwolf. I have been Pagan for 5 years now. I am glad to find a community where one of my major patron dieties is recognized. ^_^ I have always felt a closeness to hecate for so long as to the moon it's self.
I looking forward to sharing things with you all and learning much from you all.
Blessed be.
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"Witches Chant" by Inkubus Sukkubbus
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Have been ever been to this website:


If so what did you think of it? I am happy that she recommended Doreen Valiente as she's great stuff!!

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Hecate is often seen today as a crone even though in early Greece she was seen as a young maiden.

I think that the crone thing comes from her wisdom, her underworld aspects, and her relation to the practice of magick and I definitely understand it in its *symbolic* sense.

How do people here see Hecate? Crone? Maiden? Or something else?

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Very glad to see a Hecate community here. Yaaay!
Perfect community to ask this question in...
Do you find that Hecate Magick is strongest at the New Moon, or is it just as strong for you in all Moon phases? I've been curious to ask this question of others, as I seem to find the New Moon to be my strongest time, and I was wondering if that was natural, or of there is possibly something that I am missing.
Thanks for any comments and thoughts.
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Yaaay! A Hekate community. Lovely Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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To kick this place off I am posting some information on Hecate here.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hecate:

Hecate, Hekate (Hekátē), or Hekat was originally a goddess of the wilderness and childbirth originating from Thrace, or among the Carians of Anatolia [1]. Popular cults venerating her as a mother goddess integrated her persona into Greek culture as 'Εκατη. In Ptolemaic Alexandria she ultimately achieved her connotations as a goddess of sorcery and her role as the 'Queen of Ghosts', in which guise she was transmitted to post-Renaissance culture. Today she is often seen as a goddess of witchcraft and Wicca.
more...Collapse )
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